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Yarn Shoppe Studio - Home of the Denver Crochet Guild
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1777 Larimer St #102
Denver, CO

Monday - Saturday 10:30am - 3:30pm and till 9:00pm on Friday and Saturday

THE 3rd Annual Spring Spectacular Yarn Event of the Season!
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A Knit & Crochet Community Event!

Come all women of Faith!

Denver's Best Women Entrepreneurs!

June 3, 2011
11:00am -3:00pm
Bags By CAB – Yarn Shoppe
1777 Larimer St., Denver, CO.

THE FREE! Event to attend!
Don’t miss it! First time ever in the Mile High City, downtown Denver!

NE Corner of Larimer St and 17th!


Home of the Denver Crochet Guild


We are a teaching workshop studio of crochet, knitting, pattern reading, and felting for students, including the Girl Scouts of Colorado, students and youth of all ages, and adults!

Second, we are proud to host our montly meetings of the Denver Crochet Guild. They are held on the first Saturday of each month from 11:00am - 12:30pm. If a holiday falls on the first weekend, then the Guild meets the following Saturday of that month. Plenty of 2 hour vacant parking meters on 17th and also Larimer between 19th and 17th Streets are available at 11:00am Saturdays. Our meeting are 1.5 hours long to accomodate the 2 hour meters. NOTICE: During the winter months, if there are adverse weather conditions happening in the city of Denver, the Guild meeting will be cancelled. Call us 720.473.2598 if you want to check status.

Cassandra Allen - Brown is the President of the Denver Crochet Guild. Email: to sign up for our next gathering. We have crochet, coffee and refreshments, and share our designs while working on our current projects, and goals for giving back to the community. We assist each other with questions and problems on projects, and encourage each other with setting and obtaining our project goals. Guild dues are annual $25. We have tons of fun!

Lastly, we teach women with home based businesses how to market their fiber arts designs by providing web site design, desk top publishing materials including business cards, and how to utilize Google for marketing and increasing sales and traffic for your business.

Fridays are reserved for Paralegals - "Para Knit Wits!" Lunch



We are proud to utilize our Studio for year round donations of baby blankets, booties, infant caps and new disposable diapers for the Denver Health Foundation's Newborns in Need program.


Sign up for our Hooked on Yarn - Crochet and Knitting Classes. Sponsored by:

and; the Berdie Friedman Memorial Fund Foundation (In memory of) Berdie Friedman.

We offer classes for the Girl Scouts of Colorado!

Troop Leaders info is located under "Anytime Activities" Knitting Classes:



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Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe

1777 Larimer St #102, Denver, CO

We look forward to serving you!